Black Music Industry

Listen to amazing jaw dropping stories about the R&B record business back in the 70s through today.  


Jesus Garber - Veteran Record Promoter

Jesus Garber helped break records for many big artists including Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Rick James, Smokey Robinson, and Teena Marie. He has decades of experience in the record industry and has climbed his way up the career ladder.


Stephen Campfield & Michael White - R&B Record Promoters

Hear amazing and hilarious stories from the record business back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, including Prince getting boo’d off stage and the politics between R&B and Pop music.


Contributors to Black Music History

We have brought 4 guests to talk about how the record business used to be and how it has changed over the decades.  


Táta Vega - Motown Singer

Táta tells her amazing story of how she rose from living on the streets of Hollywood to getting cast in the musical Hair, to then performing with Earthquire and being discovered and signed by Berry Gordy.