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From Rock To Motown: Táta Vega

Táta Vega is an incredible singer who has shown talent her whole life. In our interview she tells her amazing story of how she rose from living on the streets of Hollywood to getting cast in the musical Hair, to then performing with Earthquire and being discovered and signed by Berry Gordy. Táta made four solo albums for Motown and is the singing voice for Margaret Avery in the film The Color Purple. She also sang with Andraé Crouch for years and was featured in the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom.

Over the years she has graciously loaned her voice as a background singer for many top recording artists, including Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Ray Charles.

Táta Vega has an amazing spirit and unbelievable voice that fills your soul. Please enjoy the first part of our interview with this inspiring and extraordinary woman.

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