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Actor Branding with Mark Atteberry Pt 1

Common Sense Mamita sits down with actor branding expert Mark Atteberry. Also an actor, director and photographer, Mark has a longstanding career in the entertainment industry which has led him to teaching actors how to establish their brand. Mark discusses his background in music & theater, his experience with legendary acting teachers like Roy London, Ivana Chubbuck, Stella Adler and Larry Moss, and shares insight on how to book more jobs by mastering your niche. See the links below for more information on Mark and for must-have acting books written by his amazing teachers.


Mark Atteberry



Be A Working Actor -

Idyllic Photography -

Greenhouse Productions -

Stella Adler - The Art of Acting

Ivana Chubbuck - The Power of the Actor

Larry Moss - The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor

Howard Fine - Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft

Special Thanks to Roy London

The Process with Larry Moss

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