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Meet Debi B. - The Woman Behind Radio Legend Hal Jackson

Debi B. shares her incredible love story of her marriage to radio legend Hal Jackson. This conversation covers her story before, during, and after her 25 year marriage to Hal Jackson and their 6 year courtship.

Hal Jackson was an on air personality for over 70 years. He helped found The Inner City Broadcasting Corporation, the parent company to WBLS FM and WLIB AM radio in New York City. Hal started his career as a radio sportscaster in Washington DC where he broke the color barrier as one of the first black on air personalities during the 1940s. He would go on to break more color barriers throughout his life.

Debi B. is a selfless wife, mother, and on air personality whose life mirrors a Hallmark movie. Her smooth, sultry voice permeated the airways for 25 years alongside her husband Hal Jackson up until Hal’s passing in 2012. In addition to being an on air personality, Debi enjoys displaying her photography in galleries and continues to travel the world with her business My Feet Travel.

If you have any stories to share about how Hal Jackson impacted you, please share them in the comments section or reach out to Debi B. on social media. She would love to hear how Hal touched your life.

For more information on Debi B., you can follow her on social media.

Instagram @debi.jackson

Twitter @BLSLady

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