Team Common

Lexie Grace, Director/Producer

Lexie Grace has been with the Common Sense Mamita team since the beginning, serving as director, executive producer, on-set photographer, consulting editor, and even set lighting. She does it all, and with a winning attitude.

A filmmaker by trade, she utilizes her many entertainment industry talents and experiences to fuel her freelancing work. She currently tutors in a variety of editing programs, and offers her services as a consultant in pre- and post-production.

When she's not behind the camera, you can find Lexie writing comedy features, freelance editing, and performing stand-up comedy.

Vincent Smith, Producer/Co-writer 

Vincent Smith is a producer for Common Sense Mamita, lending his skills in the areas of video editing, script writing, and development of the series' creative vision. In 2014, Smith founded his own brand, Vintertainmint, that houses service-based entity, V social media, and product-based entity, V shades. V social media ( provides businesses with social media account creation and maintenance while V shades offers limited-themed sunglass collections available for purchase. Stay current with Vintertainmint by subscribing at or by downloading the Vintertainmint mobile app here:


Dominique Stango, Office Manager/Production Assistant

Dominique is the Common Sense Team's go-to-girl, covering all the administrative bases from daily finances to filing taxes. She keeps our multi-layered production running smoothly on all business fronts, while maintaining her famous upbeat attitude.
Though she's often mistaken for a model, Dominique is actually studying pre-law at Loyola Marymount University. Move over Elle Woods, there's a new It Girl Lawyer in town!


Bethany L. Fanthorpe, Show Editor/Photogrpaher

Bethany L. Fanthorpe is Common Sense Mamita's video editor, graphic artist, DP, and photographer. 
She operates a business where she offers services in photography, videography, and post-production. 

Bethany Loves working with creative and inspiring individuals, and can be booked by contacting her at


Melodi Gulsen, Social Media Director/Production Assistant

Melodi Gulsen has been working as Common Sense Mamita's Production Manager, Social Media Director and Wardrobe Stylist. Coming from a background in music performance, writing, creative assisting, and extensive social media management, she has opened up a new door for opportunity after graduating from California State University of Fullerton. After receiving a Bachelor's of the Arts degree in Communications Entertainment & Tourism, she has discovered a new found love for film and television production and screenwriting.

KJ Smyser, Copywriter/Creative Director

KJ Smyser is the team’s copywriter and editor, delivering the weekly CSM Newsletter and shaping the upcoming line of Common Sense eBooks. From brainstorming to spell-checking, she loves working alongside (and having tons of fun with) the very talented Common Sense Mamita team.

KJS is a published poet / performer with Las Lunas Locas, a co-founder / artist in Chillonas Collective, the keyboardist / lyricist for Girl Scout Make Out, and a writer / zine-maker whose work can be found @waitwhatkate //