From actors and independent filmmakers to entertainment insurance brokers, you are bound to take away valuable information from industry professionals who have seen and done it all!


Stand and Deliver Cast Discussion

Members of the cast from Stand and Deliver come together to reminisce about their experineces while creating the film.


Ron Hess - Momentous Insurance Brokerage

Ron Hess, Assistant Vice President of Commercial Entertainment at Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc., breaks down the filmmaker's entertainment insurance needs. 


Enrique Castillo (Actor) & Bel Hernandez (Latin Heat CEO)

Hollywood power couple Enrique Castillo & Bel Hernandez discuss their journey as multi-faceted artists in show business. 


Ruthy Otero - Actress/Solo Performer/Content Creator

Ruthy Otero talks acting, solo shows, audience engagement, and content creation for YouTube. 



Vincent Smith - Social Media Expert & Entrepreneur 

Vincent Smith of V social media ( shares his social media expertise for artists.


Luisa Leschin - Actress/Showrunner

Luisa Leschin shares tips on overcoming obsticles in Hollywood. 



Fanny Veliz - Actress/Filmmaker/Crowdfunding Expert

Fanny shares her expertise in crowdfunding for independent films. 



Jason Staurt - Actor/Comedian/Producer/Gay Rights Activist

Jason speaks about his previous struggles in Hollywood, and how he has grown and continues to develop as an actor. 



Pam Heffler - Actress/Dancer/Pilates Instructor/Life Coach

Pam uses her natural talents and brings them all together to show us a living example of bringing together what you love doing while reaching for your greater purpose. 


Jackson Perdue - Veteran Comedian

After 40 years in the LA comedy scene, Jackson Perdue has seen-- and done-- it all. Join as he talks about rough audiences, fine tuning his craft, the changing landscape of stand-up, and how his biracial background shaped his experiences and humor.


Robin Tavares-Russell - Show Business Parent

Robin, a talented singer herself, shares her experience as a mother in show business watching and supporting her children through their acting careers.