Coaching & Consultation

These guests all have businesses and companies designed to help creatives become the their best selves. If you need to refine your craft, learn how to handle a fluctuating income, or fund an independent project, you will find gold here.


John Kirby - Premiere Hollywood Acting Coach

John Kirby has worked on many films (Peter Pan, The Count of Monte Cristo, Stick It) & currently offers private coaching & group classes at his studio. 


Fanny Veliz & Nelson Grande - Crowdfunding Experts

If money is all that is stopping you from bringing your project to life, this power couple can help you fund your project.


Jill Kirsh - Color Consultant

Learn what colors best flatter you so you can play up characters for auditions and take even better headshots!


Judy Kain - Award Winning Actress / Award Winning Acting Teacher

Judy Kain is the owner of Keep it Real Acting Studios, which offers a variety of classes to fit the needs of any actor! 


Miata Edoga - Founder & President of Abundance Bound

Abundance Bound is the premiere financial education company for actors, artists, and creative professionals.


Pam Heffler - Actress / Dancer / Pilates Instructor / Life Coach

Pam uses her natural talents and brings them all together to show us a living example of bringing together what you love doing while reaching for your greater purpose.